Like Dogs Without Horses

I just have a lot of emotions about Buster Bluth

And his genuine impulse to be kind to everyone and everything, not to gain anything, but for its own sake

No matter how deeply mentally and emotionally screwed up he may be, no matter how unsettling he is to the rest of his family, no matter how much he gets hurt by other people and even though he absolutely suffered the blunt of Lucille’s overbearing and manipulative parenting, being spiteful is still strongly against the essence of his very nature

When he realizes that he’s unknowingly been hurting people— even guilty people!— for the army, it sends him into a panic attack severe enough to land him in the hospital. And when he finally snaps, you can absolutely understand it, and you can see the immediate panic and confusion the act causes him

Buster Bluth is a baby, okay, the end

1 year ago on September 8th, 2013 |J
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